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Doris Norton


Label: Black Widow Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Doris Norton, pioneer in the early electronic/computer music, began her musical career playing avant-garde and progressive music using synthesizers such as Roland System 700, Roland system 100M and Minimoog (Jacula, Antonius Rex). In december 1980 she recorded, at the Fontana Studio 7 (Milan), her first solo album entitled Under Ground (Musik Research). Sponsored by Apple computer and the Roland Corporation music instshe was more involved in experimental electro computerized music and recorded the albums Parapsycho (1981),Raptus (1981, Durium), Nortoncomputerforpeace (1983), Personal Computer (1984), Artificial Intellingence (1985). In 1986 she became an official consultant for IBM Computer Music and recorded tworuments, she was more involved in experimental electro computerized music and recorded, after Parapsycho (1981), in the same year Raptus with the help of Antonius Rex, Lorenz Schulze and Tullio De Piscopo. this is the 30th Anniversary edition, the Cd version contains a TV appearance of Doris Norton in 1981 playing Psychoraptus...Doris Norton is really an Italian Icon of Experimental Electronic Music...a sort of Klaus Schulze in Italian land! do not miss it!!
Cat. number: BWR 144
Year: 2011
remastered edition

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