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Arthur Brown, Kingdom Come

Journey In Time (Lp)

Label: Black Widow Records

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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Victor Peraino was the final keyboardist in Arthur Brown's great, unusual, drummerless band Kingdom Come. When that band fell apart, Victor took the name for his new band and the band put out one hopelessly rare album in the 70s which was recently reissued.
Now, Victor is back, Kingdom Come is back and Arthur Brown is back and it's a excellent comeback album for both of them. There's some new material and some re-workings of old material and Victor plays a ton of his old, analog keyboards, which sound great and Arthur - one of the greats of his era - also sounds surprisingly great!

"In the 70's Victor Peraino recorded on Polydor Records in England with the father of theatrical rock Arthur Brown, know for his million sell hit Fire Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come Journey was critically acclaimed as a landmark, in the music industry the first recording to feature a drum machine. Victor played keyboards. mellotron. moog synthesizer. vcs3, theremin & vocals on this ground-breaking album. After Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come disintegrated following the release of the wonderful Journey, US keyboard player Victor Peraino somehow retained the name, releasing No Man's Land in '75 under the name Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come, reissued by Black Widow in 2010. After about 40 years, Victor and Arthur decide to collaborate again, resurrecting the project Kingdom Come: in this new musical adventure, reproduce in a new guise some of the best songs included in No Man's Land (Demon of Love, Sun Sets Sail, Empires of Steel), take up the theme of the wonderful Time Captives from Journey turning it into a cross-section sidereal enriched by the magnificence of space keyboards, revitalize ina progressive key two old classics like Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood and I Put a Spell On You... but they also offer some brand new compositions (We Only Come to Help You, Future, the title track, Walk with Angels) deploying an odyssey of lovely sounds, underpinned by the omnipresent as ever presence of Mellotron, Moog, VCS3, in an uninterrupted flow of emotions".

Cat. number: BWR 157
Year: 2018

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