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Sten Hanson

The sonosopher retrospective

Label: Alga Marghen

Format: Vinyl LP

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Awesome anthology of Sten Hanson text-sound composition..."Fylkingen has, in the course of its many years of activity, become a familiar factor in Swedish, as well as international, musical life, a unique forum for the presentation of experimental art. Since very early it began to work in collaboration with an electronic music studio in Stockholm for the creation of technically satisfactory performance possibilities. The movement within Sweden in sound poetry/text-sound composition took hold in the early 1960s with the reorganization of Fylkingen, aiming to develop the relation between art and technology. Sten Hanson's work is an excellent example of sound poetry treated extensively in an electronic studio; The Sonosopher Retrospective LP covers the long period of 30 years activity." Alga Marghen


sten hanson
  sten hanson
Cat. number: plana H 6VocSon017
Year: 1998
Genre: Sound Art