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A Static Place - Remain - excerpt 1
A Static Place - Remain - excerpt 2
A Static Place - Remain - excerpt 3
A Static Place - Remain - excerpt 4

Stephan Mathieu

A Static Place / Remain (2CD)

Label: Schwebung

Format: 2CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock


**200 copies** Schwebung presents a 2CD edition of Stephan Mathieu's A Static Place and Remain, originally released in 2001 by 12k and Line, respectively. 

"A Static Place is about the journey of sound. Between 1928 and 1932 the earliest recordings of historically informed performances of music from the late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque era were etched into 78RPM records. I used some of these records from my collection, playing them back with two mechanical acoustic HMV Model 102 gramophones. The initial soundwaves produced back then by period instruments like the clavichord, viols, lute, hurdy-gurdy are read from the grooves by a cactus needle to be amplified by the gramophones diaphragm housed in a soundbox. Those vibrations travel through the tonearm which is connected straight to the gramophones horn, which releases the music to my space. Here the sound is again picked up by a pair of microphones and send to my computer, to be transformed by a convolution process." - Stephan Mathieu, Madrid, Nov. 31, 2010

Remain was created with original material from Janek Schaefer‘s installation piece Extended Play, reprocessed between September 2008 and October 2010 using an entropic setup and convolution processes.

Cat. number: snf08
Year: 2020

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