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The Work

Rubber Cage


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

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Second LP from The Work, seldom seen for sale nowadays, with dense compositions, high quality, powerful recordings that explore the fringes of rock; pop fragments, hypnotic repetitions and highly evolved arrangements coupled with a fine exploration of sonorities and techniques, this has a strong and unique musical fingerprint, always surprising while retaining its centre in performance. Besides collecting what could arguably be their finest songs, this disk displays the group's unusual sense of individual soloing: the singularly-plucked cello during "Dangerfish", and the free-form piano of "Jay", both seem to be the intrinsic opposite of the musical setting they embellish. The capturing of such disparate approaches sets up a dichotomy of styling throughout this exceedingly intense album, offering startling (and sometimes brutal) results
Cat. number: WOOF 012
Year: 2008

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