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    Rue Victor Massé

    Label: PSI

    Format: CD

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    Ray Warleigh (alto saxophone & flute) with Tony Marsh (percussion). 'What I play is absolutely unpremeditated. There are no soundscapes or pictures in my head. But I like melody very much, and I've thought about it a lot. After several attempts to make relatively lavish studio productions we agreed that the music here had the spirit that Ray wanted regardless, or perhaps because, of the absolutely basic way in which it was recorded in 2004. Unbelievably, this is only the second album made under his leadership - the first was made in 1968! His consistently fine playing can be heard in duo with long-term associate Tony Marsh, whose drumming just gets better and better.' Ray Warleigh
    Cat. number: psi 08.08
    Year: 2008