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Label: PSI

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

In stock

Lawrence Casserley (signal processing instrument and voice) & Adam Linson (double bass, live processing and sampling) met first when Adam joined the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble for the Free RadiCCAls festival at the CCA, Glasgow in November, 2004. They formed an almost instant rapport, which has continued ever since. During Lawrence's European tour in May, 2007 they met again and performed with the Ensemble in Cologne, after which Lawrence spent several days in Berlin. For two of those days they recorded together in Adam's studio. On the first day they stuck to their basic instruments - Adam on bass while Lawrence was processing. On the second day they experimented with adding Adam's own processing and Lawrence's voice to the mix. Most of the tracks on this CD come from the first day. The enthusiasm, excitement and energy of those sessions will be abundantly clear from this CD.
Cat. number: psi 09.03
Year: 2009