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Daniel Lowenbruck, Stefan Roigk


Label: Senufo

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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The pairing of the influential Berlin based electronic musicians Daniel Löwenbrück and sound artists Stefan Roigk + Daniela Fromberg on this Beautiful split album - in a lavishly packaged edition limited to 280 numbered copies - is a match that makes perfect sense.
Side A: Raionbashi “Der Strick”Composed, recorded and mixed by Daniel Löwenbrück between 2009 and  2011. With thanks to Dave Phillips for his strings, Doreen Kutzke for her voice and to the people and animals recorded without their knowledge. Raionbashi is the solo project of Daniel Löwenbrück, head of the Tochnit-Aleph label and Rumpsti Pumsti record shop.
Side B:   “Blowing up the master’s workshop” It’s worth resting with the beasts to prepare ballon mails for bats, urutaúes, sirens, leopard seals, humpback whales, monarch butterflies (poor bb), blowflies and maggots. Inspired by max ernst’s collage das schlafzimmer des meisters – la chambre à coucher de max ernst,  1920. Roigk and Fromberg are two multi-disciplinary artists living in Berlin.

Cat. number: senufo#seventeen
Year: 2011

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