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Sale Quanto Basta - Excerpt 1
Sale Quanto Basta - Excerpt 2
Sale Quanto Basta - Excerpt 3
Sale Quanto Basta - Excerpt 4

Paolo Angeli

Sale Quanto Basta (LP)

Label: ReR Megacorp

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental



** 2021 Stock. Deluxe LP Gatefold. Edition of 250 copies ** Welcome to Paolo Angeli's sixth release for ReR Megacorp (2013) now in Vinyl deluxe edition! It's an extraordinary collection of pieces that explore the full range of his highly modified, extended and prepared Sardinian guitar. And although it's just him and electricity, it seldom sounds like fewer than three people playing. There are twelve fine compositions, each as crafted as a short novel, and beautifully recorded. Paolo's is a music that pretty much defies genre or category; accessible, experimental, tuneful, tactile and ambient - with a folk root, a rock inflection and a contemporary outlook.

Cat. number: ReRPA6
Year: 2013

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