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Segonde Saleco


Format: CD

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CD Edition. Mohammad are back!! Finally here, the third and final installment of a trilogy that explores the sounds of the geographical area between 34°Ν - 42°Ν & 19°Ε – 29°Ε. Segondè Saleco is the final catharsis which signals a dramatic change of atmosphere in the trio’s signature sound. "Greek chamber doom trio Mohammad have been operating since 2009, releasing albums on their own Antifrost imprint and brought to a wider audience in 2013 with their excellent ‘Som Sakrifis’ LP on PAN. Here they complete their ‘34ºN-42ºN/19ºE-29ºE Study’ ‎trilogy in fine style with ‘Segonde Saleco’, heading ever further into the darkness, exploring droning low frequencies and and black sonic textures through their custom made instruments.

Opener ‘Bela Frumatene’ is like Sunn O)) and Kevin Drumm playing an olde MTV unplugged except O’Malley and company are some mysterious masked ancient folk minstrels soundtracking a black magic ritual. The mournful strings and distant ghostly female vocal of ‘Sagaraki’ is particularly harrowing building to a dramatic dirge. ‘3 Kawas Rivero Akvo’ had me staring at the wall in full on introspective mode. Growing from a gently tortured drone into bittersweet mystical funeral folk. Fourteen minute Closer ‘4 Ah Ya Em Hamada’ leaves trails of weeping cello, a snail's pace reverb soaked handclap and gothic choral male vocal, before dissolving into nothingness. A fine conclusion to a unique trilogy." Normann records

Cat. number: afro 2067
Year: 2015
Genre: Electronic

Edition of 450