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Shimada Hideaki


Label: PICO

Format: CDx2

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A new release on Hideaki Shimada (Agencement) label. It is new title after 13 years! 
Double CD of subtle-Tokyo Group improvisations by Tetuzi Akiyama (guitar), Junji Hirose (tenor sax), 
Hideo Ikegami (contrabass), Ko Ishikawa (sho), Kazushige Kinoshita (violin), Toshihiro Koike (trombone), 
Madoka Kouno (tape recorders), Maresuke (contraviola), Kenichi Matsumoto (tenor sax), Hideaki Shimada (violin)
Manabu Suzuki (electronics), and Daysuke Takaoka (tuba).
Recorded two concerts with septet of different members were organized by Hideaki Shimada. 

Cat. number: pico0506
Year: 2014
Genre: Jazz