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Aidan Baker

Songs Of Flowers & Skin

Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records

Format: CD

Genre: Rock

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Doomgaze. Is that a thing? In ancient times "Songs Of Flowers & Skin" might have done time on 4AD, Creation, or even Sarah. Except of course, for the slender demonic tail woven into the melodies, which would have left a smoldering pile of pointy shoes in its wake. Though the tracks here are not metal, there is no lacking of heavy. The songs (yes, songs) simmer to a point just below explosion. Aidan chooses to excavate with atmosphere in lieu of caterwauling electricity, filling the spaces with dark, droning continuos that hang in the air like post-riot tear gas. His cavernous crooning floats just above the oddly addictive slow riffs. This bloody valentine is a beastly beauty that mitigates icy experimentalism with glowing compositions including additions of violin and trumpet that go down just like honey. Meant to be played very, very loud.
Cat. number: mt165
Year: 2012

Edition of 400 hand-numbered copies. Comes in a gatefold digifile with insert.

Recorded April/May 2005 in Toronto, Canada. Hidden, live track recorded June 02 2002 in Toronto

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