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Aidan Baker

Plague Of Fantasies

Label: Blackest Rainbow

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Brand new solo material from Aidan Baker, one of the most prolific musicians recording at the moment, Aidan creates such a wide array of musical sound its hard to keep track, not only does he perform as part of the fantastic Nadja, as well as in projects such as ARC, and collaborating with other luminaries such as Tim Hecker, he releases a whole host of solo material. This new solo record is really something, pulling together all the genres he works in, fusing heavy drones, with broken drums beats, buried vocals, dreamy ambient manoeuvres, and moments referring to post rock build across the two twenty plus minute tracks on this new recording. Baker's genre blending somehow builds a sound that somehow sounds delicate and beautiful, but also at times sounds gloomy and melancholy. Plague of Fantasies is a rare vinyl release from Aidan Baker. Pressed on virgin vinyl in an edition of only 300 copies.
Cat. number: BRR212
Year: 2011

Originally recordedon cassette 4-track 2005, digitally reworked 2010
Instrumentation: electric/acoustic/bass guitars, flute, recorder, vocals, tapeloops, drum machine. live drums kindly provided by Richard Baker

Limited to 300 copies