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    Edward KA-SPEL

    The Minus Touch


    Format: CD

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    New studio album with eye popping artwork by Jesse Peper in a custom made gatefold case. "V1 or V2"?Someone let loose the china doll from the cupboard again. Simply put, “The Minus Touch” is double plus good. A fantastic place for any LPD/Ka-Spel beginner to start and obviously, an essential for the Old Guard. Ka-Spel's synthedelic song cycle has a flavour reminiscent of other aeons, though Edward's manner of time travel seems to be to wreck himself before he Chyekks himself. Torch is only back-lit with the experimentalisms so at the forefront of recent solo efforts. The album could almost be considered "inside" by comparison. Oh, it's messed up. But the devils are in the entrails, with most of the album belching forth beautiful, melodic coldwave electrolytes, into gasp by varying arrays of squelchy, sequenced rhythms and electronic arrhythmia. EKS, as ever, is bard to the bone.
    Cat. number: mt240a
    Year: 2010
    Genre: Electronic
    File under: 70s electronic

    An earlier interpretation of "Kill it" appears on Cevin Key's fine album under the title "A Certain Stukey". Things conclude tragically there too.
    Recordings made in Limburgia throughout 2010.
    Love and peace to Chris, Heather, Pia, fellow Pink Dots, Cevin, Jesse, Amanda and Alena.

    Blessed be, even when things seem darkest the light finds it's way through the cracks.

    Packaged in gatefold sleeve with insert.

    Beta-Iactam Ring Records ©℗ 2010 mt240b mfg.hong kong