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Francisco Lopez

La Selva

Label: Sub Rosa

Format: LP + Usb

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Finally available, in full-lenght original audio piece (71 minutes) on 24-bit / 48kHz digital USB flat memory-card with non-audio blank etched vinyl. Limited 500 pieces edition, numbered and signed by Francisco Lopez. La Selva' is an immersion into the sound environments of a tropical rain forest in the Caribbean lowlands of Costa Rica. An astonishing natural sonic web created by a multitude of sounds from rain, waterfalls, insects, frogs, birds, mammals and even plants, through a day cycle during the rainy season.
A powerful acousmatic broad-band sound environment of thrilling complexity. And above all, a tour de force of profound listening. Original recordings done at La Selva Biological Station during the rainy seasons of 1995 and 1996. La Selva was premiered in an acousmatic performance at Teatro Fanal of the Fanal Contemporary Art Center in San Jos, Costa Rica, on August 1997.

Phenomenological Epoché listening is highly encouraged. When listening is a profound act of will upon sounds, music unfolds naturally. (Francisco López)

Cat. number: SRV 346

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