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Francisco Lopez

Presque tout (Quiet pieces: 1993-2013)

Label: Line

Format: DVD

Genre: Sound Art

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Francisco López is an artist who has continued to challenge listeners with the fringes of acoustic perception over his long career. Line is very proud to be releasing this epic compendium by an artist who has so significantly influenced our notions of listening. Presque Tout is a collection of works spanning 20 years of sonic activity. This 7 hour long edition presents some of the artist's most tantalizingly subtle pieces. Culled from many obscure and out-of-print editions, most of these compositions have been unavailable commercially for years. Presque Tout also contains the stunning new 3 hour work "Untitled #313." 
This data DVD edition contains 17 tracks, all uncompressed 44kHz/16-bit. Warning: Due to the extreme subtlety of these recordings, virtually all of the audio content is completely inaudible through laptop or equivalent small speakers. Quality speakers or headphones-as well as a very quiet surrounding environment - are highly recommended for ideal listening. Composed and created at Mobile Messor (worldwide). Cover image by Francisco López.

Cat. number: line 065
Year: 2014

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