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Francisco Lopez

Untitled #295 (Lp)

Label: God Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Francisco López is not only famous for his profilic sound creations, but also for different aspects of sound manipulations. Since his very beginnings, he explores different fields of sound and almost entire his work belongs to serie "untitled". Untitled #295 is a piece created specially for two sides of vinyl. Besides Francisco Lopez's famous moving soundscapes, it's the pulse what makes this work driving. And not only typical pulse - a regular one with irregular accents. Slowly developing it takes insensibly into void and darkness. Extremely tempting work for claustrophobic experiences.  

Cat. number: GOD 22
Year: 2014

Created at mobile messor (Den Haag), June 2012 
(c) francisco lópez 2012 -

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