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Bernhard Lang

Cheap Opera #1 "Répétitions" DW30 "Loops for Klaus Schulze"

Label: God Records

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental



In 2015 Bernhard Lang was approached by Sebastian Berweck, to compose a piece for his Berlin-based Synthesizer-trio Lange // Berweck // Lorenz.
Considering his musical background and his roots, Lang saw this offer as double opportunity, one of them being a chance to compose an ultimate tribute to one of his musical heroes, electronic pioneer, Klaus Schulze. On the other side, Cheap Opera #1 „répétitions“ turned out as Lang's most political piece to day: his mercilles comment on fake patriotism...

Both pieces continue Lang's trademark loop aesthetics tradition, however, i kind of more abstract manner...

Cat. number: GOD 63
Year: 2021

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