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File under: KrautExperimental
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Sturmischer Himmel

Label: Wah Wah Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Psych

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Often described as one the oddities in the Ohr catalogue, Sturmischer Himmel supposed the vinyl debut of Anima, the radical free-music duo of sculptor Paul Fuchs and her wife Limpe Fuchs. Recorded at a "thousand year cottage on a windy hill" and opening with ambience recording of wind and sheeps, the album is an organic collection of improvised atonal pieces ranging from the atmospheric to the wild with much use use of screaming, horns, percussions, ambience recordings, wordless vocals and all kinds of home-made sound devices (Fuchshorn, Fuchszither, Fuchsbass... ). Pure german counter-culture sounds from the early 70's...

File under: KrautExperimental
Cat. number: LPS062
Year: 2010

Limited to 500 copies Sleeve reproducing all the original artwork from the Ohr press – Quality vinyl press inside a 350 gr. quality sleeve. - Comes with an insert with info and photos

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