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Bernhard Lang

Musica Viva 10

Label: Col Legno

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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“The first pieces of the Differenz/Wiederholungs-Serie were composed by transcribing loop techniques of different turntable lists and filmmakers … What appealed to me especially was the concept of erratic, asymmetric loops corresponding to the crack in the groove or to the trembling of a malfunctioning CD player.” This idea has already spawned many parts of the DW, which bring to the fore a great variety of different phenomena of our noisy, sound-generating lives. In DW 8, the orchestra, “like to a gigantic turntable”, plays “lazy loops, those familiar sounds, which this repetitive context may give an entirely new reading.”  DW 15 „is a middle cycle of four song-like pieces“, where the vocal part is suggestive of “the whispering insinuations of inner voices associated with voices of demons”. DW 3, like all the other pieces in the DW-series, “is a phenomenological investigation into the inner logic of the formation of the loop, where the narrative of differentiating segments alternates with microscopic details and repetitions thereof. The middle part of DW 3 is a simulation of granular loops, much like those flickering and jerking images of a VCR in pause mode.” (Bernhard Lang)

Cat. number: WWE 1CD 20090
Year: 2004