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Francisco Lopez

Untitled #305 (seven nights)

Label: FL

Format: Memory Stick, MP3

Genre: Electronic

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56 hours audio mp3 - SD card release. Artist numbered self-edition. 100 copies. January 2013. 'Seven ghostly nights of expanded time and occult sonic space. Venturing into deep realms of audio subtlety and ambiguity. Open to the hearing creativity, sleeping patterns and dreams of the listener. A piece that blurs the limits between composition and sound environment.' Release format: mp3 44kHz/128kbps files in SD-HC card. Label: artist self-released, home-made, one-by-one-replicated, unlimited edition [first run of 100 copies on January 2013]. Virtually all the audio content in these recordings is completely inaudible through laptop or equivalent small speakers. Good quality speakers or headphones are highly recommended.
Cat. number: FL305
Year: 2013

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