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Aurora Liminalis

Label: Line

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Line is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the second highly anticipated collaboration from renowned composer William Basinski and sound artist Richard Chartier. Aurora Liminalis is a rich and nebulous soundtrack, the aural equivalent of undulating trails of light. Disintegrating spatial shifts incorporating the two artists' distinct sonic palettes mesh to create a slow, deep ebb and flow, like some melting spectral transmission. The work has a distinct complex presence, difficult to resist its pull. Befitting cover image by visual artist James Elaine.

Aurora Liminalis is the superb 2nd collaborative work between renowned composer, William Basinski, and sound artist, Richard Chartier (Pinkcourtesyphone). A single, 44 minute piece of expansive, entropic ambient drone billowing from the core to decay and disintegrate into filigree microtones and intangibly gaseous harmonic shimmers. It's immersive to say the least, with a spectral presence and radiant, synaesthetic quality that feel like light morphing into sound. Recommended for deep listening. (

Cat. number: LINE_060
Year: 2013

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