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Claudio Rocchi

La Norma Del Cielo (Volo Magico N. 2) LP

Label: Sony

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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* High quality vinyl reissue with remastered sound. Gatefold Cover * Always influenced by eastern doctrines (he later became a Hare Krishna), Claudio Rocchi was also active in anti-war movements and always present at various italian pop festivals during the early 70's. His second album, released in 1971 and titled "Volo magico n.1", is usually considered as his best effort, in much the same style as Alan Sorrenti's "Aria" with a side-long title track and softer tracks on the other side. "Volo Magico n.1" features a 18 minute long title-track starting with a soft introduction and going on with hypnotic moves based on the guitars of Alberto Camerini and Ricky Belloni (from Nuova Idea and later New Trolls). His next album, "La norma del cielo" (subtitled "Volo Magico n.2") was similar, but weakest in comparison, and after a long journey to India Claudio Rocchi released "Essenza" at the end of 1973, with a helping hand from Elio D'Anna (Osanna) and Mino De Martino (Giganti) among others.

Cat. number: 19075869651
Year: 2021