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Edward Ka-Spel

The Blue Room

Label: Soleilmoon

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Experimental

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Legendary Pink Dots frontman Ka-Spel has always been a grand storyteller, his narratives pitting the deeply personal against the all-encompassing. In Ka-Spel's world, even the brush of a butterfly's wing holds enormous consequence; the end of a relationship is a full-blown apocalypse! Look past the fairytale imagery, and you'll find that present-day anxieties loom large over these twinkling music-box reveries and dangerously disoriented electronics. Here, the demons of the mind meet a universe out of control and on the brink of collapse.

Ka-Spel's wise, world-weary voice and cheerfully grim sense of singsong melody escort you through a lyrical minefield of puns, twisted platitudes, and ironic observations. The "ballerina" of "Cause and FX" is a gun-toting terrorist dodging airport x-rays and angling for media fame. Sexual predators stalk the corridors once ruled by ageless creatures of the night. Looking in at "Supper at J's," a reborn Jesus settles down to another Last Supper, secure in the knowledge that--come what may--his lawyers, accountants, and website insure his immortality. Richly detailed, dread-filled atmospheres, spun with keyboards, drum machines, effects, sequencers, and other tools of the modern troubadour frame THE BLUE ROOM's tales of ordinary madness and seal the album's extraordinary spell.

Cat. number: sol 87LP
Year: 1998

Limited edition of 1.000 copies.
Side D track is exclusive to this vinyl edition.
Includes 11.5" square insert with color artwork on one side and b&w lyrics on the other.

Sing while you may, verhtrana Hylal.