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Water days


Format: Book+CD

Genre: Experimental

In stock


The book and audio CD documents an exchange of pictures, texts, sounds and voices between multimedia artist Leah Singer and Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo. WATER DAYS began as two texts each inspired by the contrast between wanderlust and the desire for home and in this volume attempts to create a filmic sequence of photographs to augment and accompany the recording. The new sound piece WATER DAYS, a radio piece for Atelier de Création Radiophonique de France Culture (ACR) is a mix of sound recordings made during their residencies in CNEAI (Paris) combined with recordings of electric guitar, as well as pre-recorded voices including other artists: Robert Smithson, Carson McCullers and some others who, in a certain way, inspired their artistic practice.

The book WATER DAYS, conceived as a diary, develops this sound matter through photographic landscapes, written where the intimate gesture is also an artistic reflection

Reduced price! The cover has light signs of wear due to storage.

Cat. number: 9782914563529
Year: 2010

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