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Edward Ka-Spel

The Painted River Of Regrets

Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Issued as an edition of 500 copies in a full color book bound sleeve with 180 gram vinyl.  3 Decades of sound tracking the secret psychedeli-sphere has found Edward scoring an imaginary film. Edward’s music for the movie flows with measured, stygian force; the groaning rises punctuated by that old black magic that only Ka-Spel can conjure with the smallest of sounds permeating every wave. Loops trill and sigh within virtuoso keyboard cameos. A myriad of miniature minuets thread backwards and beneath the main thematic pulses. Edward’s dark ambience is non-ambivalent, however, which gives it a life’s breath beyond the realm of film music. The album certainly generates excitement as to what images might accompany such a skewed, sonic construction. But no movie is needed to find prophet from these starry sounds.

Cat. number: mt169
Year: 2009
Limited Edition of 500. Recorded at home in 2008.
Copies pre-ordered from BlRR came with a signed insert, which was a small black piece of paper and said paper was autographed by EK.