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Barback - excerpt
Entresol - excerpt
Yog Sothoth - excerpt

Shub Niggurath

Shub Niggurath (Lp)

Label: Soleil Zeuhl

Format: LP

In stock

Available previously only as a private cassette release, this Shub Niggurath reissue features the bands very 1982 first recordings. While the influence of Magma, Art Zoyd and Univers Zero are strongly in evidence at various points along these five long tracks, Shub Niggurath took it all several steps further in every direction making them one of the most extreme and uncompromising bands of the mid-80s French avant-garde scene; and while this demo was never intended to be an official release, the music herein stands strong and compelling in every sense
Cat. number: SZ 56
Year: 2018
Genre: Psych