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Sickness Report + Slush of a Maniac - excerpt 1
Sickness Report + Slush of a Maniac - excerpt 2

Atrax Morgue

Sickness Report / Slush of a Maniac ‎(2CD)

Label: Old Europa Cafe

Format: CD x 2

Genre: Noise

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**2020 stock** "Here comes the re-union of the two Atrax Morgue cult albums released by two US labels at the end of the '90s: Sickness Report, originally out on Release Entertainment (1996) and Slush of a Maniac, originally out on Crowded Control Activities (1997). Also includued are 3 rare compilation tracks. Both albums are long time sold-out and very difficult to get even at collectors prices. Finally here they are back in a unique and very Industrial-Psychedelic packaging. Regarding the sounds there is not much to say: simply alienating Power Electronics in the very best Atrax Morgue tradition. In memory of Marco Corbelli, historical master of Italian Industrial.

Cat. number: OECD 258
Year: 2018

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