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Yours Eyes On My Hands - excerpt

Richard Ramirez, Atrax Morgue

Yours Eyes On My Hands (LP)

Label: 4iB Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

**Edition of 240** This is a reissue of a cassette tape put out in 1997 under Richard's Deadline Recordings label. What originally intended as a split release between Richard Ramirez and Marco Corbelli eventually evolved into a collaboration. The long out of print tape was released in limited quantities of 35 copies and have already been sold out a long time ago. Under the approval of late Marco's sister, and at the suggestion of Richard in making this 2 decade old noisy masterpiece available again, the 4 tracks have been fully remastered and given a new lease of life. It is presented in its full pulsating and heavily layered harsh noise glory with new artwork images and photography by House of S&M (Raws & The Butchdick Collection).

Cat. number: 4IB0000045
Year: 2020

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