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Recouvre La Merde (En Trois Mouvements) excerpt


Recouvre La Merde (En Trois Mouvements)

Label: 4iB Records

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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2014 Edition. Recouvre La Merde or to loosely translate, Cover The Shit embodies the dark and sick humour of French ‘troubadour’ of Harsh Noise Wall, Vomir. In this 3-parter, Romain Perrot unleashes a no-nonsensical torrent of unyielding wall-of-noise-harshness through 3 brain-convulsing tracks delivered in one long continuous movement. Guttural avalanche of sonic boom deluges upon the listener as the 3 long textural pieces of unpleasant roar harangue the listener into psychotic submission. The grinding movement of each abysmal track succumbs the listener into a state of sonic claustrophobia through its absolutely unique monolithic tonal amplification, all streaming seamlessly as one complete orchestral symphony.
Other than copious abuse of the aural senses, the album is also visually disturbing due to the vivid reference to coprophagia. This is attributed to the creative design work of imagenumérique Felix Rosier’s innovative art direction combining photography and installation art, and a crazed mind.
Recouvre La Merde completes the entire Perrot experience by staying true to Romain’s consistent classification of the term ‘ultra shit folk’. This album clearly asserts Perrot’s psychological position about the sad state of the world we live in, reinforcing his statement (in more ways than one): “We all eat shit everyday, women more than men. The shit is everywhere. Now it’s time to overlay all this shit, and noise is one way to do it”!
Listen Loud!
CD in jewel case with 8 page booklet limited to 250 copies.

Cat. number: 4iB027
Year: 2019

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