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Adolescente En Crypte (excerpt)
File under: Japan

Free As Dead

Tombeau Vital

Label: 4iB Records

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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2016 Edition. Free As Dead is another project of prolific French Harsh Noise Wall artist Romain Perrot, who deviates from his other known projects like walled noise acts Vomir and guitar noise Falot. Free As Dead builds it’s disturbing ambience with harsh funeral organ noise, and together with the collaborative efforts of Andy Bolus (of Evil Moisture) Tombeau Vital creates an almost soundtrack-like horror story revolving around Perrot’s (pervasive) alter ego of a B-Grade masked monster and his doll captive. This is a conceptually heavy album that distinctively defines itself from Romain’s other projects from start to end. The 4 tracks take you on a crazy epic horror-tale filled with dramatic effects like squeals and squelches (from Andy Bolus) set against the background atmospheric ambience of wind and rain and crazy organ playing by a mad man. Staying true to Romain’s sarcastic and sick sense of humour, one can only expect that this epic aural journey will inevitably result in a tragic ending.

Digipack CD Pack in a numbered edition of 200 copies.

File under: Japan
Cat. number: 4iB019
Year: 2019