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Best of 2020
Six Operators - excerpt 1
Six Operators - excerpt 2
Six Operators - excerpt 3
File under: AmbientMinimalism
Best of 2020

Ambienti Coassiali

Six Operators (Lp)

Label: ADN

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Mindblowing **Edition of 250** Unreleased before, this is their proper second effort, re-recorded in 2017. Ambienti Coassiali's Six Operators was recorded with a Yamaha DX7 and a two-track Revox A77 tape machine, a further step into the world of meditative & ethereal FM synthesis by this obscure Milanese project run by Silvio Linardi and active during the late '80s. More details to follow.

File under: AmbientMinimalism
Cat. number: AD9 009
Year: 2018