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Dead Gum

Smoke / An Ally

Label: Coherent States

Format: TAPE

Genre: Experimental

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A hypnagogic narration that evolves in a dream-state, hazy atmosphere intrinsically embodies Dead Gum's thirteenth release. “Smoke / An Ally”, freely curated by the subconscious, evolves on sonic interpretations that emerge from a specific vocal pattern of indelible words. Variations of monad launch a descent to translucent memory fields. Numb listening, ceaselessly transformed inwards, unto the inner light of the night, nearing, until it dims down once again to blackness. 

Dead Gum is the solo project of Panagiotis Spoulos. His debut studio LP "GAINER" was released in 2014 while the follow-up "META" is in the works. Currently a member of Wham Jah and $oft $kull and his past activity includes Reverse Mouth and Old Fashioned Donkeys, to name a few. Since 15 years now he has been running Phase!, an underground experimental label with over 130 releases.

Cat. number: CS-23
Year: 2017

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