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Jasun Martz

Solo Exhibition (8CD Box)

Label: Music Brut

Format: 8CD Box

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This is a threat! A monumental 8CD box, supremely well-curated (and tirelessly hard-working) "Solo Exhibition" is the definitive solo career retrospective by seminal musician and visual artist Jasun Martz. Spanning the full range of his non-standard, truly unique music practice, always boldly innovative, esoteric and off-centre, it covers themes ranging from essential experimental, synth-oriented electronics thru to immersive, atmospheric epics soundscapes & contemporary classical/orchestral. 200 musicians who create over 10 thunderous hours on 85 original Jasun Martz tracks

An air of mystique surrounds Jasun Martz work, being known for having played in a couple of records huge success by Michael Jackson (!), touring with Frank Zappa and collaborating with art brut master artist Jean Dubuffet.  He was inspired to compose his second symphony, "The Battle" after falling down the the world's tallest active volcano- Mount Cotopaxi in Ecuador.
This box also includes the legendary 'The Pillory' album, considered a masterpiece of neo-classical avant-garde rock stands alone. Martz began composing The Pillory around 1976, assembling his 40 piece Neoteric Orchestra, taking it to recording sessions in Los Angeles shortly after. The project was interrupted as Martz joined Frank Zappa's touring group in mid '77, but things got back on track the following year, finishing up with sessions in Los Angeles, New York, and London. Among the 40 players are Zappa alumni Eddie Jobson (violin, synthesizer) and Ruth Underwood (marimba, concert bells, implemental percussion). Martz plays organ, mellotron, synthesizer, grand piano, flute, sax, recorder, gongs and numerous other things. Other names of note include Paul Whitehead (yes, the album cover artist - on percussion and bowed cymbal) and John Luttrelle (woodwinds, piano, synth). So much for the facts, on to the music.

"The Pillory" is one forty-four minute piece composed of nine movements. The music defies any easy description, yet some comparisons might be in order. Imagine Glenn Branca's "Devil Choirs" meeting Univers Zero's "Heresie" in the mythical land of Mellotronia, injected with Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring", and sprinkled with elements of Stockhausen and Zappa. The music is haunting, almost frightening at times, like some pagan ritual, yet soothing and surreal, with overt dreamlike qualities. Vocals are used throughout some of the movements in wordless choral arrangements. All these dynamics work together to create a vision of awesome power, with elements of subtlety and extravagance, like a soundtrack to the passage to heaven or hell or both. This is challenging music, yet the hook of the ever-present mellotron offers a degree of accessibility, and ultimately I think most would have no trouble appreciating it.

INCLUDES BONUS: 27.94 x 43.18 four color Jasun Martz poster
INCLUDES DOUBLE BONUS: 27.94 x 43.18 original acrylic on red rosin paper, signed, one-of-a-kind, Jasun Martz painting
INCLUDES TRIPLE BONUS: Jasun Martz has autographed the inner panel of the box set.


Cat. number: 6181953a
Year: 2016
Genre: Sound Art