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Stupid Set

Soul Of Trade

Label: Spittle

Format: LP + CD

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Stupid Set are one of the most sought after bands of the Bologna rock scene. Their parabola ended in the early eighties but the band, led by Gaznevada's first bass player Gianpietro Huber, had been one of the most intense of the new era, leading to a connection with the stalwarts of American avant-garde. Truly they've been the Italian answer to Residents and Negativland. Soul of Trade was executed only three times in 1981 and was a strong emotional and technical effort: from the generation of electronic sounds, to the use of loops and cut-up of magnetic tapes. It is available on vinyl after 34 years from the very first live performance, and still retains the strictness of its theoretical impact and the freshness of the songs. Paolo Bazzani, Gianpietro Huber, Giorgio Lavagna, Fabio Sabbioni and the artistic/executive producer are very proud of this unknown masterpiece, made in 1981.

Cat. number: SPITTLE 063LP
Year: 2015