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Sound American no. 21 (book)

Label: Sound American

Format: Book

Genre: Experimental

In stock


The 127-page book was designed by Remake Design (who also created the now iconic Donald Judd: Writings book) and features words by or about Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, Ornette Coleman, Nicole Kaack, Bradford Bailey, G. Lucas Crane, Jennie Gottschalk, Ambrose Akinmusire, Mats Gustafsson, Peter Margasak, Terry Riley, Kim Brandt, John Cage, Josh Sinton, Edgard Varése, Marc Hannaford, John Zorn, Matthew Mehlan, Million Tongues Festival, Alex Mincek, Lester St. Louis, and Steve Lehman. Each book is thoughtfully designed and printed in Belgium on quality paper with a lay-flat binding. Beyond being simply a journal issue suitable for the periodicals section of your library, these are artfully designed and rigorously constructed books meant to sit aside your favorite novels.

Table of Contents:

From The Editor: Change and Growth (Nate Wooley)
Sites of Formation 1921: Four Hypotheses: : Varèse, Amériques & the Fluidity of History (Josh Sinton)
Sites of Formation 1942: Wordless Dialogue (Kim Brandt)
Sites of Formation 1963: Terry Riley's "The Gift" (Peter Margasak)
Two Questions for Sound Practitioners (Jennie Gottschalk)
Ornette Coleman and the Emancipation of the Individual (Chris Pitsiokos)
In The Shadow of Ideals (Bradford Bailey)
Sound Strategies for Contemporary Time Travel (G. Lucas Crane)
Playing Changes: Ambrose Akinmusire,Peter Evans, Mats Gustafsson, Tyshawn Sorey (Chris Pitsiokos)
Sites of Formation 1984: John Zorn Completes Cobra (Marc Hannaford)
Sites of Formation 2005: Steve Lehman's Demian as Posthuman (Lester St. Louis)
A Bunch of People Doing Something: An Interview with Steve Krakow about the Million Tongues Festival 2004 (Matthew Mehlan)
Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste: in conversation (Nicole Kaack)
The Exquisite Corpse (Alex Mincek)

- Printed using offset lithography in a special Pantone color throughout (which will change each issue)
- Bound with the highest quality thread-sewn binding, using cold glue and Otabind™, so the book lies open and stays completely flat, and will last for a lifetime.
- Printed on Holmen paper, an excellent Swedish stock
- Printed by die Keure, one of the finest book printers in the world in a limited edition of 500

Cat. number: SA021
Year: 2019

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