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Spacetones - excerpt 1
Spacetones - excerpt 2
Spacetones - excerpt 3
Spacetones - excerpt 4

Deep Space Duo


Label: Love All Day

Format: Tape

Genre: Electronic

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**100 copies** Love All Day is proud to present the debut release from Deep Space Duo, a recent collaboration between Chicago underground music stalwarts, Whitney Johnson & Matt Jencik. While both were enrolled as members of the Circuit Des Yeux live band they bonded over their shared love of the Acetone Top 5 Organ; a small, portable vintage organ whose tones will be familiar to followers of early American Minimalist music. An opportunity to play the Drones Not Drones festival in Minneapolis, as well as a subsequent opportunity to perform through a quadraphonic PA, marked the beginning of a deep improvisational rapport between the two artists & their Acetone organs. A further couple of instances of coming together to jam and record to 4 Track with tape and loop effects provided the raw material for the works featured on this release, which Jencik further worked over in post-production & mixing by manipulating tape speeds, adding subtle backmasking. The end result proves both performers to be remarkably sympathetic listeners and partners. Over the course of the record they explore a universe of slowly expanding themes, melodies, and patterns until the line that separates each artists’ individual persona begins to utterly collapse. Somewhat reminiscent of Terry Riley’s All Night Flight performances —both in its sound and general late night, crepuscular atmosphere —this is music that is constantly operating on multiple levels by being both entrancingly engaging in the way that it traces the mind’s eye of two creative artists at once, while nevertheless still retaining an essentially meditative vibe throughout.

Cat. number: LAD 019
Year: 2020

-This cassette features foil stamped packaging with art and design by Sonnenzimmer
-Mastered by Jae-soo Yi of Sonority Mastering
-Pro-dubbed on chrome tape
-Titles by Ken Camden
-Edition of 100

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