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Sundown - excerpt 1
Sundown - excerpt 2
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Sundown (LP)

Label: Love All Day

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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**300 copies** Recorded over a six year period, Sabbatical’s 'Sundown' draws inspiration in minimal, post-minimal and Fourth World composers such as Alvin Curran, Jon Hassell, and Dan Morehouse. 'The album was produced with a large array of instruments, including autoharp, omnichord, melodica, various synthesizers, tape delay, bass guitar, and toy piano, but with each note these instruments make carefully folded into another. Reflecting its long conception, every track is exquisitely paced throughout, with a hushed but ever expanding sound palette that is as perfectly arranged as an 18th Century Japanese Floating World woodblock print whose borders can barely contain their evocative landscapes & intricately detailed interiors. Both grounded and cosmic, human and celestial, 'Sundown' is laced with tones that are warmly frayed and seem to exist in some liminal space where Johannes Kepler’s 'Harmony of the Spheres' has been subtly destabilized, sounding nothing less than like a Fibonacci sequence that has been carefully, delicately plucked out of order.


"'Sundown' found its rhythms nursed in the openings that emerged between other projects and germinated in the cracks that separate the disparate moments of a life. In those spaces – periods of exception from the flow, journeys, downtime, lacunae – 'Sundown' waited for its creator, gathering energy, until it grew to become the centre point around which Sabbatical’s other activities would begin to orbit. A sabbatical is itself a lacuna. It is the time that is set aside. And our sabbaticals, our downtimes, long or short, are both temporal and spatial – they are often characterised by journeys, or the lack of them. We take breaks and make moves, or we stay put and cease constant movement: sacred time always demands sacred spaces, spaces within which normal rules are temporarily repealed, reversed, or augmented. Music is the magic prism that fixes such fragments of time in suspension and holds them, crystalline, up to the light so that they can be felt and understood again. And its focus can be precise: within the mirrored interior of a song, music can preserve also the locations through which time passes, or which might themselves be said to have passed through the slivers of time that music holds. And so 'Sundown' recalls not only traces of the time in which it developed, but also the places through which this time was poured. Sabbatical’s palette seeks not to evoke but to recover and hold the glittering light on journeys to ice-fringed points north, to arrest in analogue the frequencies of evening light, to capture as reverie the marchlands where time is spent in space in such a way that their interrelationship becomes blurred (for is not a journey’s length typically measured in time and distance at once?). The earth moves around the sun – by this spatial relation we find a temporal measure – but we apprehend it perceptually as the movement of the sun around the earth, and the effort of adjusting what we perceive to what we know is similar in kind to recognising that what we had felt peripheral has secretly become the centre of our efforts. As flowers turn their faces toward the sun, so we turn toward the work that draws us, and at sundown we close our books and take our daily sabbatical of sleep." - Francis Gooding

Cat. number: LAD 010
Year: 2016

Features a letterpress jacket w/ artwork by Risa Tolentino.

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