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Protector’s Tea - excerpt 1
Protector’s Tea - excerpt 2
Protector’s Tea - excerpt 3
Protector’s Tea - excerpt 4
Protector’s Tea - excerpt 5


Protector’s Tea (LP)

Label: Love All Day

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock

**300 copies, 2019 stock** Protector’s Tea is the debut solo LP from Gabe Celestino, a native of the Olympic Peninsula. Despite being largely recorded in isolation over the last year with minimal gear in the drab, alienating confines of an apartment building located in the midst of an industrial zone on the outskirts of Seoul, South Korea, Celestino was nevertheless able to re-imagine his dreary living quarters into a sacred space through the acts of wakefulness and creation. Celestino, a lifelong practicing Buddhist, is here above all else concerned with formed formlessness, having created a work of delicate insistence that generates fields of power even as it looks beyond language and ego. Deeply meditative, and drawing on a lineage of ambient composition reaching back to Eliane Radigue and onward to Gas, 'Protector’s Tea' locates in dislocation the very presence of our rugged existence.
Cat. number: LAD 001
Year: 2011
Features a sturdy, archival old-style jacket.

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