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    William BURROUGHS

    Spare Ass Annie And Other Tales


    Format: CD

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    A collaboration between Burroughs, producer Hal Willner, and politico-rappers Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. It features Burroughs reading excerpts from seven of his books set to music by the Heroes, mostly a slow, lazy funk that sounds like it was lifted from a '70s blaxploitation soundtrack. Highlights include the 16-minute, decidedly Burroughsian holiday treat "A Junky's Christmas" and "Words of Advice for Young People," which first appeared on the Smack My Crack collection, minus the music.
    Cat. number: 162-535 003-2
    Year: 1993
    Genre: Sound Art
    Origin of the spoken sections: • track 2 & 13 from Interzone (1989) • track 4 from The Last Words of Dutch Schutz (1969) • track 6 from Exterminator! (1973) • track 7, 10 & 15 from Nova Express (1964) • track 8 from The Cat Inside (1986) • track 9 from The Naked Lunch (1959) • track 11 from The Western Lands (1987) • track 14 is unpublished and comes from a live performance. W.S. Burroughs recorded at Hairball 3, Lawrence, KS. Trks 2 & 9 recorded at Red House Studio, Lawrence, KS. Music recorded and mixed at Multron Studios. Sequenced at Deep Creek World, New York. Edited together at Soundtrack Studio, NY. Mastered at Masterdisk, NY.