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Robert Turman

Spirals of Everlasting Change

Label: Baba Tonnerre

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Two copies back in stock....MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!!  This album is sure to blow you away. "Spirals was originally conceived in 1982 as two separate cassettes, each consisting of a series of seemingly random, yet carefully selected loops, usually one to three minutes long. The two cassettes were played simultaneously on small portable cassette machines, started randomly, so the interweaving of rhythms was different every time. Several years later, the two tapes were committed to a single mix, with overlays of sounds and tones to create melodies, connecting the rhythms, yet still leaving enough open space for the listener. Lonesome Echo was based on a long loop, with irregularly repetitive guitar and keyboard parts played over the top, with a dub-style mix. It was inspired by the solitude and melancholy of the Jackie Gleason album, Lonesome Echo. Lower World is an experiment using a 3-minute endless cassette, all tracks played with an electric bass. Slow counterpoint between the elements, to create an extended whole.” – Robert Turman

Reissue. Originally released in 1987 as a C60 cassette that came in a 5” reel-to-reel box. Now two heavy-weight pieces of 180g vinyl in a sturdy single sleeve. Ltd. 279 copies.

Cat. number: BT002
Year: 2014

LTD 279 copies

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