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Stain Ballads - excerpt
File under: Avant-garde

Martin Arnold

Stain Ballads

Label: Another Timbre

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional

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Four chamber works by the Toronto-based composer Martin Arnold, whose previous album ‘The Spit Veleta’ sold out last year. Beautifully played by Apartment House. "There are number of ways that the word 'ballad' could be applied to a lot of the music I make - clearly, I'm devoted to lyrical (if endlessly meandering) melodies, slow melodies that invoke a kind of vague, indistinct sentimentality. But it's significant to me that the word 'ballad' comes from the from Old French balade, from Provençal balada ‘dance, song to dance to’, from balar ‘to dance’; I've always maintained that all the music I make is in some sense dance music and I'm sticking with that."

File under: Avant-garde
Cat. number: at166
Year: 2020

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