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Damo Suzuki, Mugstar

Start from Zero

Label: Important Records

Format: LP

Genre: Rock

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Limited edition of 500 copies packaged in a heavy duty gatefold sleeve. On a long hot summer night in 2012, a meeting of minds happened in Liverpool, England. Damo Suzuki visited the city to play a show with Mugstar. After a flurry of emails, Damo asked Mugstar not to practice or figure out any music prior to the performance, as he believed it should "start from zero," leaving the whole performance to be entirely improvised on the spot. It proved to be quite a night: the shamanic presence of the legendary Damo Suzuki immersed in the full-on, intense sound of Mugstar -- one of the leading bands currently exploring fresh and uncharted areas -- as they forge forward through the deep space of Kraut/psych. The music that emerged that evening moved through driving, head-spinning double wah-wah attacks, eerie, ethereal passages and onto an extended motorik coda, all powered along by thunderous bass and drums. Damo settled in immediately, a master of his own unique art. Surging along with Mugstar as "sound carriers," absorbed in the energy and atmosphere through to the show's exhausting end, it's a great pairing.

Cat. number: IMPREC 393LP
Year: 2015

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