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Richard Lainhart

Ten thousand shades of blue

Label: XI

Format: double CD

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Bronze Cloud Disk (1975) for multitracked, processed bowed tam-tam; Two Mirrors Face One Another (1976) for multitracked, processed bowed Japanese temple bells; Cities of Light (1980) for multitracked, processed voice; TenThousand Shades of Blue (1985) for realtime interactive computer music system; Staring at the Moon (1987) for realtime interactive computer music system with bowed and struck vibraphone; Walking Slowly Backwards (1989) for vibraphone.
“Lainhart’s music rings true to the spirit of possibility that once defined electronic music. It brings with it a sense of past, present and future that transcends time, technology and cultural assumptions. It’s a music that is beholden to no one, yet informed by a diverse sphere of appreciations, rich in both intellectual and emotional interest, at once distant and interior, actual and implied.”

Cat. number: XI 115
Year: 1970

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