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The Live One - Excerpt 1
The Live One - Excerpt 2
The Live One - Excerpt 3
The Live One - Excerpt 4

Tom Chiu

The Live One (2CD)

Label: XI Records

Format: 2CD

Genre: Experimental

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XI Records is very pleased to announce the release of Tom Chiu’s new double-CD The Live One, a diverse and thoroughly engrossing album that showcases the multiple facets of Chiu’s visions. Chiu is a polymath who is as comfortable with lyricism and the beauty of tonality as he is with process-based works and challenging conventions of composition. Chiu specializes in creating spatial experiences and altered states of mind with his music, with a singular, questing path. He is a gifted improviser and explores conventional playing, extended techniques, and working with technology with equal ease, sometimes all embodied in the same piece.


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