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Christian MUNTHE

The backside suite


Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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'Created and performed by Christian  MUNTHE. Upside-down steel 6-string arch top acoustic guitar. Touched by: guitar-pick, palm of hand, fingertips, nails, lips, tongue, teeth, breath, saliva, beer bottle, whiskey tumbler, plastic ball-point pen, paperback book, legs Christian MUNTHE is a Swedish free improviser that since the 1980's concentrates on the sonic possibilities offered by the acoustic guitar in solo as well as various ensemble settings. He has released recordings in his own name and also recorded and performed with with a.o. Günther Christmann, Anders Dahl, Mats Gustafsson, Phil Minton, Tatsuya Nakatani, Christine Sehnaoui, Roger Turner and Phil Wachsmann.' - Metamkine
Cat. number: TYYFUS 8
Year: 2010

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