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Babylon bypass


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Jazz

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“Janne Martinkauppi (as, bs), Taneli Tuominen (ts), Sami Pekkola (as, ts), Jaakko Tolvi (dr), Petri Pirtilä (dr). Recorded 12.Dec. 2007. Recording, mixing and mastering Marko Yiianttila at Studio Kuu, Helsinki, Finland. TAKE YOUR DISSONANCE LIKE A MAN : From time to time, I suddenly realise just how differently it is possible to hear exactly same sounds using the exactly same, god-given hearing devices – your ears, that is. Of course, it's never about JUST hearing, it's always linked to what/where/when & why, plus everybody's own personal life experiences & time spent on this planet. But that's another story, although closely related. I'd bet a hefty sum of down-beaten dollars that if you'd play this record to, let's say, one hundred random streetwalkers, maybe 90 of them would call this just some mindless noise, a butt-ugly mess, aural manure – and definitely NOT music at all. And it's very understandable: there are no hooks, no pretty melodies (well there're not even UGLY melodies!), nothing to really hang on to. Oh pity the poor common man. This music thrives on energy and energy alone. Only a very distant cousin to Grandfather Jazz nowadays, I've said this before: this is primal music. (just now, writing this, that image from Kubrick's 2001 w/ those forefathers of today's man banging those bones against each other's skulls came to my mind – and also the towering picture of the monolith, turned into an adjective – MONOLITHIC, that's what this here is.) At the same time this music (and yes, this is very much MUSIC to my ears.) has the sense of something very simple and child-like in its enthusiasm ('Hey Mom, listen to this!') but also something very determinate as a whole, like there's nothing that could stop it once it gets going on all four (or, in this case, FIVE) cylinders. And still, among all the rough edges and spikyness, I can hear the peace and calm, you know the feeling that comes when you know you're doing something completely RIGHT, doing something the only way it can be done. This is not music that can be re-done if something goes 'wrong' (and how can you define 'wrong' in a situation like this? There are no stones to throw.), at least not in the same exact way. Like that old saying about rivers – you can never step into the same one twice. Here, gone, like a passing train. I think I could go on forever about trains & rivers (don't get me started!) but I'll just say: don't take this at face value, there's more than meets the ear here. Give peace a chance, motherfucker.” - Metamkine
Cat. number: TYYFUS 9
Year: 2010

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