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Great Explorers

Label: Siltbreeze

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

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Originally released as a CD on the UK label Pickled Egg in 2009, Great Explorers is the second full-length effort from one-man dynamo The Doozer. Siltbreeze was delightfully chuffed to make its acquaintance (by way of Matt Valentine's suggestion) and agreed to release it unto all the world on the much-sought-after vinyl format. Hailing from Cambridge, England, The Doozer bears an almost uncanny vocal resonance to past legend Syd Barrett, as well as a knack for cobbling together occasional found-tape narration with string-strum and hypnotic percussive plonk not unlike The Shadow Ring. The gin doesn't come much pinker than this.
Great Explorers is limited to 500 copies and includes a free download. Look for a possible Doozer East Coast American tour in August. "The Doozer makes angular bedroom psych-pop from guitar, keyboards and drum machines. He insists that he 'builds' music, and it's an apposite word. Sheet Music has a lovely constructed precision underlying its surface awkwardness, with a gift for finding chords or sour melodic twists that initially sound wrong, but turn out right. His counter-intuitive logic and oblique associations put him in a lineage connecting The Incredible String Band, Kevin Ayers and Billy Childish, but most of all another Cambridge alumnus, Syd Barrett. The Doozer has a voice of his own, though, and the quavers and quirks of songs like 'Dogwalking' and 'Burn the Tape' lodge themselves in the brain with strange persistence."
--Sam Davies, The Wire
"The Doozer furrows a path somewhere between the progressive folk styling of Animal Collective and the wide-eyed wonder of early Badly Drawn Boy. Weirdness levels are ramped up to eleven--not least due to some initially jarring chord sequences--and pastoral psychedelia reigns in a not unlovely debut."
--James Skinner, Plan B
Cat. number: sb137lp
Year: 2008

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