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The Early Tapes Period - 1

Giancarlo Toniutti

The Early Tapes Period

Label: Vinyl-On-Demand

Format: 3 LP Box

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Astonishing Box-Set of Giancarlo Toniutti’s 3 early works “Wechselwirkung", Metánárkôsis and Das Todesantlitz which have all been published by Toniutti on cassette tapes in 1982-83 in a very limited numbered edition. The Box also includes a 10" vinyl EP with previously unreleased tracks from that same very early period (1981-84).
This work represents his early musical-work as solo composer. 1982-83 was the period, and experiments with early electronics, found objects, rough percussion and noise were the attitudes that coalesce into his first 3 cassette works found on this box. This past time becomes part of the future when historically contextualized.
Early electronics, acoustic objects and the beginning of a form of structuralism was the melange of that young mind. It will come with a booklet incl. an essay about the history of the period, notes and data.

Cat. number: VOD68
Year: 2009
Hand-stamped edition of 600

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