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Tahta Tarla - excerpt

Andrew Chalk, Giancarlo Toniutti

Tahta Tarla

Label: Pans'urlo Panseri

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock


Original copy of the long out of print LP album. First pressing from back in 1993, Tahta Tarla is a collaborative recording based apparantly upon long wires strung through the woods with the wind activating some of these wires with each artist seeming to be in charge of the production of one of two sides. For Toniutti's half, the scrabbling textures and aeolian drones are mostly left unprocessed with bellowing rumbles, eeries echoing, and peculiar hisses that seem to come from nowhere in particular that make this piece so intriguing. Much in line with Organum's Vacant Lights. Andrew Chalk presents his signature deep undulating drones that he had begun to explore in the '90s (especially those early Ora recordings and the awe-inspiring album East of The Sun). Various textures, ferric groans, and disorienting bumps in the night. We have been told that these are some of the last copies available for this LP, which does come with a rather subtantial booklet with lots of confounding post-structuralist texts from Toniutti himself.

Cat. number: G:R?–>R? / 03R?
Year: 1993

Comes with printed innersleeve and 23x16cm booklet

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